Take two Asprin and chat with me in the morning! 

Dealing with this global pandemic certainly isn’t as easy or simple as taking the proverbial two aspirins and hoping by morning everything is better. However, you can aid and support yourself and your organization in coping with and sustaining reasonable levels of productivity.

Helping your Organization…

  • Reduce the number and length of meetings. Keep meetings very focused on topic. Try not to drift from what the original content of the meeting was intended for. Have a specific agenda that fits into your timeframe, allowing for outcomes or tasks to be competed. Send documents or presentations out, giving enough time for everyone to review prior to your meeting.
  • Remote work arrangement or Work From Home policy. Implement an alternate work arrangement (AWA) or Work From Home (WFH) policy that will cover when you and your teams expect to be online or available. This policy should include, how to you plan on communicating; for example, email, Zoom, Hangouts, MS Teams). Have your team’s project tasks or work products well defined with due dates and touch point meetings.
  • Communicate! As it is frequently stated, we’re all in this together. Having open and frequent communications within your organization not only helps with productivity, but also helps to relieve the anxiety and stress of your team members. Remember to communicate updates about COVID-19, as well as work related topics. Ensuring everyone is on the same page, saves costs, resource availability and most importantly wasted work efforts.
  • Be aware of team members’ family and extended outside concerns. Schools and colleges have been challenged to become fully engaged with immediate online learning processes and procedures. Teachers and professors are generally learning as they go during this period as well. Allow your team members an appropriate amount of time to adapt to this new learning approach.

Helping Yourself…

During this perplexing period of dealing with COVID-19 and its impacts on you and your family’s daily life…it’s time to outline your personal Pandemic Plan.

  • Access controls to systems. Remember, during a crisis or emergency, threats are likely to be generated at a much higher rate with hopes of catching you off guard or your attention being placed elsewhere.
    • Use some form of two factor authentication. Preferably an application like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. Applications are generally a better choice than using SMS, for example. Since your phone and SMS messages could easily be hacked or breached.
  • Do your best to ensure you have everything needed to work from your home office or your offsite location.
    • Check your Internet connection. Ensure you have enough bandwidth to carry all of your work requirements and your family’s needs.
    • Check your Internet equipment. Make sure your router and modem are up to date on patches and fully synchronized with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    • Be sure you know how to access the secure and encrypted file shares or online drives of your workplace.
  • Get yourself into a cleaning mode! This could decrease the risk of infection from high-touch areas and devices such as phones, computers, food items and boxes from delivery companies. Putting your phone down somewhere could just as easily become contaminated, as you may get sick from someone next to you who might sneeze or cough. Be proactive! Wipe possible items that could be contaminated. Go to the market, wipe off the items you bring back with you. Put your phone down someplace, wipe your phone down prior to using it again.
  • Educate yourself on the COVID-19 virus and how it transmits. Learn from authoritative sources about transmission, preventive protective wear and, if infected, the proper care and medical attention you would need to access as soon as possible.

The best method of ensuring you will weather these challenging times is to implement and follow your own Pandemic Plan. Ensure you’re following your organization’s directions for a safe and secure work environment and most importantly do your best to keep yourself and your family members safe!

Thank You,
Edward Nadareski
CISO and Senior Practice Leader for Garnet River LLC