Co-Managed IT Services

Your internal IT organization deserves high-impact resources.

We work alongside your IT department to enable your IT team to focus on what they need to and we will take on the rest. This enables you to expand and shrink your services as your business demands.

IT Director / CIO

Leading the internal IT department of a growing business is a monumental undertaking. Everything from end user requests to cyberthreats drains your resources.

You want to leverage your expertise to drive digital transformation in the organization, but time, financial, and staff constraints are holding you back. We’re here to help you.


Your company is highly dependent upon your IT assets, and your internal IT organization keeps those assets running flawlessly. But you know that your next big growth steps are going to take a toll on their limited resources.

Give your IT organization access to a full complement of IT specialists and tools, freeing up your IT organization’s time and expertise to tackle the high-impact technology challenges you face.

How does our co-managed IT service work?

We’re here to do as little or as much for you as needed.

Our co-managed services gives you access to a full team of professionals to support your internal IT resources. Our clients lean on our niche specializations for everything from daily IT tasks to helping with project rollouts.

  • Infrastructure management
  • Antivirus management
  • Patch management
  • Email security management
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • End-user IT security education
  • Backup verification and monitoring
  • System updates
  • IT procurement and vendor management
  • Backup management
  • Firewall management

Keep your IT staff – let us fill in the gaps.

The benefits of co-managed services:

    • Leverage economies of scale with advanced IT management technologies
      Tools that may have been out of reach or out of your budget now become available to you. And through our partnership, we can accelerate your technology adoption.

    • Expand your services at lower cost
      We can broaden the knowledge of your team without adding headcount.

    • Obtain after-hours and vacation coverage
      We cover for you when your team needs a break!

    Meet Mike. Good thing his head is in the clouds.

    No, he isn’t aloof. He is an expert in cloud security, infrastructure, and modular systems thinking. But, he does make a terrible weatherman.

    Mike Donnelly
    Technical Architect/MSP Practice Manager