Solutions that don’t create new problems.

Whether you’re starting something from scratch, or scratching a check box off your long list of to-dos, you need a business solutions partner that understands your needs, and that what you need shouldn’t hurt.

Garnet River understands business IT solutions from the 30,000-foot view, and from deep in the trenches.


It is not in our nature to drop a document on your lap and then walk away. That’s why it’s called consulting, not consulted.


From choosing the right box, to choosing the right software that goes in the box, our team will work with you to get it right.


It’s not enough to hand you a shopping list, we roll up our sleeves and get to work making sure everything is squared away.


Like any machine, it works best when it’s well-oiled. We stick around to make sure everything keeps humming along the way it should.

IT services aren’t just to keep your business running.

Just about every facet of your business can be improved through technology. And the proper implementation and organization of that technology separates the good enough from the greatest.

Garnet River knows what it takes to make the good, great.

Meet Courtney. She has answers to your questions.

The challenges your business operation presents are no match for the expertise and experience of our team.

Courtney Seypura
Sr. Business Consultant