Your Business and IT needs, met.

Your business operations rely on precision and uptime all while maintaining low overhead and minimizing risk. Complex business and technology problems demand custom solutions.

We are here to help.

Garnet River provides comprehensive Business and IT solutions and flexible staffing resources to help you get your best work done.

We won’t offer you “products” or “services” until we get to know exactly what you need. That only happens when we fully understand your challenges, constraints, timeline, budget, resources, and goals. Let’s chat.

We help you achieve maximum business results.

With deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Making it look this simple takes hard work.

“I chose Garnet River based on trust and confidence…

…I engaged Garnet River during a time of significant transition to secure our IT infrastructure – an area of the business that could not go wrong and was the bedrock of rebuilding our organization. I’ve been completely blown away by Garnet River’s technical expertise and customer service. The confidence I have in the quality and standard of infrastructure that was set up, has allowed me not to think about it.”

James Sherry

CEO, NY Families for Autistic Children

You could use more hands. Until then, let us lend one. Or twenty.

Sometimes your team needs support, sometimes you need to support an entirely new capability. We can support you with security, network, server & workstation, email, staff augmentation, and so much more.

Your data shouldn’t be left to chance. We won’t let you take those risks.

From CISO-as-a-service, to Ethical Hacking, and education and training, Garnet River has your back. And, with the way things are out there, you could use someone watching your back.

You shouldn’t have to work extra hard to implement software solutions.

Let us help you choose the right software solutions. The next inevitable question is, “how do we set it up?” You want to get the most out of the incredible tools you purchase. We make their complexity look easy.

Your human workforce doesn’t need to be troubled with that.

You can get a boost in productivity, improved accuracy, an increase in profitability, as well as seeing the delight in your team’s eyes when you tell them Garnet River will take care of that task.

Your business operation deserves the white glove treatment.

Architecting a complete system that meets every one of your needs demands the same level of attention you give your customers. From specifications to documentation, we put in the time to make it work.

Getting your software off the ground isn’t the same as getting it in the cloud.

You want the business flexibility of the cloud, but you feel stuck trying to take the first step. It’s not as lofty of a goal as you might think. Not with Garnet River’s experts on the job.

That looks boring.
Here, let us take it.

You should be free to do the work you and your team are best at. Innovation, invention, creation, and building. Yes, the work needs to get done. But, that doesn’t mean you need to be the one to do it.

From robotic process automation to staff augmentation, Garnet River is redefining IT staffing.

Meet Steve. He is here to put you first.

Steve has led Garnet River for over 20 years with the cultural concept that “people matter the most.”

Steve Richards
CEO, Principal, and Member, Board of Directors

Meet Nicole. Her talent is finding yours.

Nicole’s job is to help you find the right help. Want to work with her? There’s nothing stopping you.

Nicole Campbell
Director of Talent Acquisition & Staffing

Meet Michael. Keep him around to keep them out.

Michael is just a little bit obsessed with security and compliance. This means that you don’t have to be, but you can look like it.

Michael Weisberg
Chief Information Security Officer

Meet Paul. He has an automation first mentality.

There’s a bit of art, a bit of science, and a whole lot of intelligent process evaluation.

Paul Gasparini
Practice Lead/Lead Business Consultant

Meet Courtney. She has answers to your questions.

The challenges your business operation presents are no match for the expertise and experience of our team.

Courtney Seypura
Sr. Business Consultant

Meet Mike. Good thing His head is in the clouds.

No, he isn’t aloof. He is an expert in cloud security, infrastructure, and modular systems thinking. But, he does make a terrible weatherman.

Mike Donnelly
Technical Architect/MSP Practice Manager

Meet Ken. It’s his job to make your work look good.

It’s not your job to be a software implementation expert. But, that’s exactly what Ken’s job is and he's excited to get started.

Ken Hausen,
Solution Architect

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